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In today's competitive environment, you can't afford to waste time struggling with customer information. C3 provides software and services to streamline your data management, so you have more time to drive your business.

Our goal is to optimize your information management, and to make you more effective with computers and software. We meet this goal with a single, easy to use database to manage all customer data. This database provides just some of the following capabilities:

  • tracking of prospects, customers and suppliers;
  • easy order entry, invoice creation and receivables monitoring; and
  • review sales with automatic reports.

We can tailor the software to your specific needs, and of course we provide training on not only how to use the software, but also on how to expand and customize it yourself, eliminating the "black box" syndrome (check out the link below, or click here).

Below are two examples of the customer and sales management software we offer. The first picture shows the control panel for a typical customer database, and the second presents a sales report generated with one click based on the orders entered.

You manage customer information from an easy to use control panel...

and generate this sales report with just one mouse click!

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