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The Next Step: Eliminate the Black Box Syndrome...

One of the biggest complaints we hear from software users is that they do not understand what the software is doing -- the black box syndrome -- which instills fear in users. By using Microsoft Access, combined with our on-site training, we eliminate the black box syndrome, removing the users' fears and making them more independent and productive.

Our initial goal is to help you clearly manage your data; then, when you're ready, we want to expand your know-how so you can start creating your own tables, forms, and reports. In this way, we not only provide a solution for your data, but also expand your knowledge of how the software works. The black box is no longer so formidable, but rather responds and behaves as you expect it to.

As part of the customized solutions, we can provide standard or customized training at your facility. Training typically concentrates on Microsoft Access to enable users to quickly manipulate database content. Other Microsoft tools can also be examined based upon request.


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