A key ingredient: Training


 At C3 we believe there are two key ingredients to computer productivity, high quality software tailored to your business, and training -- we offer both.

We have a wide range of on-site training courses that we can tailor to meet your specific needs. Basically, we work with you to plan a custom session to meet your needs, or you can select from our standard training sessions listed below.

If you'd like to talk to someone about training, please call or drop us an email and we'll call you back

Here's a summary of our current standard courses:


Title and brief description


4 hours
Introduction to Microsoft Access -- provides an overview of Microsoft Access: what it can and cannot do, introduces forms, reports and queries, using templates.


8 hours*

Managing Customer Data -- shows how to use our standard business template for Microsoft Access to manage customer date. Entering sales leads, orders and customer information, creating invoices, tracking receivables and generating standard reports.

*NOTE: this course takes about 8 hours to cover, and we recommend that this is split in two 4-hour sessions, ideally about a week a part.


8 hours
Introduction to Microsoft Office -- provides an overview of the three most commonly used tools in Microsoft Office: WORD, EXCEL and PowerPoint. We spend about half the day on WORD and the remainder on EXCEL and PowerPoint.


8 hours
Advanced Microsoft WORD -- here we extend the user know how in key advanced areas, including: macros, mail merge (to create mailing labels) and styles. User specific projects may be addressed with the instructor


8 hours
Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint -- here we extend the user know how in key advanced areas, including: movies, animation, motion and sound. We also show the user how to integrate speech notes into the notes pages and create professional handouts.

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