Our team of experienced consultants can provide not only business applications and solutions, but also engineering experience for those firms requiring specific forms of analysis.

The mechanical engineering group provides consulting in two different ways with regard to finite-element analysis (FEA):

  • Process audits -- examine current procedures and tools and develop a report on ways to improve productivity, accuracy and other critical success factors in FEA; and
  • Engineering consulting -- perform specific structural and thermal analysis projects

We can provide suggestions on streamlining your engineering analyses. We have many years of experience both using and developing analysis software for engineering, including finite element analysis for stress/structural applications, and finite-difference techniques for your thermal applications. We have used or evaluated most of the structural applications on the market today. If you currently are using FEMAP or MSC/NASTRAN for Windows, we can even develop plug-ins that use the FEMAP API scripting language to automate common tasks and thereby increase productivity.

In certain circumstances, when analysis tasks are either uncommon or sporadic in nature, it may be best for companies to outsource work instead of spending time and talent to grow in-house capabilities. In these situations, C3 can provide high quality consulting services for thermal and structural analysis. Often, our team of stress and thermal engineers can provide high quality analyses at a fraction of what it would cost you to do it in-house, and our results are backed by decades of experience in these engineering fields.

To learn about how we can streamline your engineering process, drop us an email, or give us a call.

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