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Welcome to Cloister Computer Consultants (C3) home page! At C3 we help solve our customers' computer challenges by delivering the right combination of software and services.

We provide business solutions to your computer problems with software, training and consulting services related to Microsoft Office.

From a simple database template to manage customer information, to custom software to automate your business, to basic or advanced training, C3 is the right partner for all your business computing needs.

If your business involves mechanical engineering, we can also help streamline your engineering process, drawing on our extensive experience in Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This experience enables us to provide consulting services for both structural and thermal analyses as part of our mechanical engineering group.

Contact us by phone or fax using the information at the top of this page, or send us an email for more information or to ask a specific or detailed question.
To learn more about the people at C3 check-out the about C3 area for information on our experience and mission.

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Tel: (717) 721 6797
Fax: (717) 721 6811

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